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Floratam St. Augustine Sod


Floratam is a wide-bladed, coarse-textured, vigorous selection of St. Augustine grass that was released by the Florida and Texas A&M Agricultural Experiment Stations in 1972 as a SAD (St. Augustine Decline) virus resistant grass. Floratam gets its name as a portmanteau of FLORida and Texas A&M. A 4-year drought-resistance study entitled “Comparative Intraspecies and Interspecies Drought Resistance of Six Major Warm-Season Turfgrass Species” performed by researchers at Texas A&M containing 58 grass cultivars (6 different species) concluded that Floratam was the most drought-tolerant of all St. Augustine grasses.

Its rapid growth, resistance to weeds, chinch bug resistance, and resistance to the SAD virus make Floratam an excellent choice for homeowners. Like other St. Augustine grasses, this variety thrives in acidic or alkaline soils, in soils containing a low amount of organic matter or on organic soils, and in direct sunlight or areas of moderate shade. Once established, Floratam should be mowed at a height of 2”-4”.

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